The way we work

Our team work together to achieve a result according to the specifications and wishes of our customers. With that in mind, we realize that the needs of each scientific workplace and each project are slightly different, and it is our effort to adapt the offered measurement technology to these requirements. Laboratory technology has many variable aspects, although its essence does not change. It concerns, for example, the communication protocols used, as well as the form of the output data, and ends with the mechanical processing of individual parts. These and other parameters can be adapted to the customer's requirements for their maximum satisfaction. That is why our projects often differ, even if their essence is similar - because we strive for the maximum degree of individualization of deliveries. The result is the flawless inclusion of the supplied technology in the customer's laboratory.

We proceed from the design of the physical principle of measurement, through its technical design, implementation including user software, calibration, necessary certificates to the installation of the equipment and training of the operator at the customer. The standard procedure for the delivery of measuring equipment by 4Jtech begins with a personal meeting with the customer. At the meeting, we clarify ideas about the supplied measuring technology, processing, delivery, etc. With this information, we create detailed processing proposals. These are mainly models of mechanical parts and possibly designs of graphic interfaces. These conceptual designs are consulted with the customer for approval. After incorporating all comments and ideas, we manufacture the technique and test it in our own laboratory. Only thorough testing will guarantee flawless operation during research. The product and its necessary documentation is then delivered to the place specified by the customer, installed and designated persons are trained in the operation and maintenance of the measuring equipment. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Design of the physical principle of measurement and technical design are provided by personnel whose studies have been often focused on the fields related to aero- and thermodynamic problematics, which are the main focus of our research. Technicians manufacture and assemble the device or the entire measurement chains according to the design. Electricians ensure the production of our own HW and electrical wiring. Experts from the CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering make up our second major field, and that is microelectronic research. Software developers design and program the GUI for controlling the device and processing the measured data. Management and administrative take care of the company's operations.

4Jtech Ltd. is experimentally oriented but there is also a small team which is able to provide sophisticated CFD calculations, using commercial SW tools like ANSYS Fluent, Star CCM, Icon CFD and many others, or in open-source products such as OpenFoam. In more complex cases, custom designed CFD codes developed in Matlab or Python are also implemented, specially for multidimensional physics of two-phase flows (such as humid air) calculations and optimization. We also use these procedures when designing laboratory experimental lines for university students.

A great advantage in our work is the background of the company. Nowadays we can benefit from extensive experience with laboratory equipment and exterior Research measurements, thanks to the roots at university laboratories. Many of the current employees have rich experience from the university in performing various measurement tasks whether it was basic university research or measurements in the framework of economic cooperation with industrial partners from the Czech Republic and abroad. In the CTU laboratory, this team of employees built many aerodynamic tracks, including three wind tunnels of a size of test section app. 0,5 x 1 x 1,5 m and the mean velocity up to 85 m.s-1. We completely designed and constructed these tunnels and tuned the built lines to flawless function.