Our mission is to serve the industrial and academic community with reliable data obtained from well-designed modern measuring techniques and systems, as well as to deliver modern laboratory experimental measuring equipment to the university environment.

Among our most important activities is the custom-made design, testing and calibration of measurement devices and whole measurement systems suited for particular technical applications in accordance with the requirements and needs of our customers.

At the same time, we also provide measurement services to in-house experimental facilities in the field of aero- and thermodynamics. Our main experimental measuring track is a climatic wind tunnel for heat exchangers measurement and an experimental track for measuring of fan characteristics.

For measurement services we can also use some of our serial products - e.g. multi constant current anemometry (MCCA) to determine temperature and velocity field, mainly developed for application in vehicle cooling, pressure strips measurement system allowing the measurement of pressure on the desired surface with very little installation effort (even for dynamic measurements) or surface flow visualization system using a method based on processing images of many tufts attached to the surface in the flow.

We have a lot of experiences with preparation and implementation of measurements in wind tunnels, designed for the study of vehicle external and internal aerodynamics in automotive development (experienced in FKFS - Stuttgart, AUDI - Ingolstadt, VW - Wolfsburg, PORSCHE - Weissach).

Besides the mentioned measurement services we also offer consulting activities.

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