Products - more detailed information

Our portfolio of products has been developed and standardized since 2010 (while still at the university) and it is very broad: from devices used for wind tunnel measurements such as multi constant current flowmeter with small build-in dimensions and possibility to determine temperature and velocity field, pressure strips measurement system (even for dynamic measurements), optical RPM, digital rake probes or surface flow visualization system using a method based on processing images of many tufts attached to the surface in the flow.



The MCCA is 4Jtech revolutionary flowmeter. The outputs are velocity field and temperature field. It is mainly developed for application of vehicle cooling. The MCCA uses a regular net of wires. The wires are not interconnected in their intersections and only integral values of electrical properties are known. The wires are either heated by constant current to measure velocity or not heated at all to measure temperature. The resistance of the wire in both modes is calibrated in a homogenous velocity and temperature field against both velocity and temperature. This method is intended for measurement of stationary phenomena only.

Pressure strips


4Jtech Pressure Strips bring a completely new concept into pressure sensing by allowing the measurement of pressure along a line with very little installation effort. It takes the user only a few minutes to install the sensor on the aerodynamic body under investigation while obtaining a large quantity of information. The vast spread of the MEMS technology (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) in consumer electronics was used and our solution on a low cost absolute pressure sensors was built. This makes the 4Jtech concept not only very helpful for the investigation of aerodynamic phenomena but also cost effective for the customers.

Optical RPM meter


This cost effective, small size and simple to use RPM (revolutions per minute) meter was initially developed for automotive cooling fan RPM measurement. It measures the RPM optically and sends the data via Ethernet BUS. Extremely strong immunity against unintentional light reflects is achieved by powerful cascade analog and digital filtering. The RPM meters are compatible with all of our other sensors such as the Pressure Strips or the MCCA.

Rake probes


The digital pressure rake probes were built around the state-of-the-art digital absolute pressure transducers. After precise calibration procedures, these sensors allow accurate pressure difference readings without the hassle of reference pressure tubes. The rake probes were optimized for traversing of wake behind a vehicle in a full-scale wind tunnel at approximately 140km/h.

Tufts visualization


The tufts visualization is a method based on processing images of many positions of many tufts. Approximately 250 images are taken during a single experiment. Tuft movement is frozen on each of them. The goal is to get an output similar to standard oil flow, a field of angular deviations.

Since this measuring technique is quite expensive, we often perform it as a service. We can offer fast and effective preparation on your site on a vehicle (we have our own tufts and we are using black foil to prepare background on vehicle) and our own measuring with photo technique in the wind tunnel (experienced in FKFS - Stuttgart, AUDI - Ingolstadt, VW - Wolfsburg, PORSCHE - Weissach).