4Jtech at present

We have our own production program, either for general research or for the industrial field, but among the most important activities of our company is the custom design, testing and calibration of measurement devices and whole measurement systems suited for particular technical applications. By doing so, we succeed in bringing a number of new procedures and methods - not only to university teaching, but also to their research activities. Within our activities we cooperate with four leading Czech technical universities and the Academy of Sciences both on the preparation of new types of laboratory tasks for students and on projects of a scientific and research nature.

We are trying to educate a new generation of professionals, so we collaborate with universities on projects like CTU CarTech - formula student racing team. Since 2018 we have also co-sponsored more than 10 international scientific conferences and attend several of them, with results from our recent research.

For the near future, the power engineering sector is planned to be implemented mainly in the field of cooling towers, where the whole team is historically well educated and has a lot to offer to the potential manufacturers and owners/operators of these devices. Moreover, the aerospace engineering sector should be strengthented in cooperation with the Mejzlik company and the HSR Hochschule fur Technik Rapperswil where we want to aply for an EU foundation grant focused on innovations in wind turbine long term measurements. 

However, the main development is planned in the expansion of the company to foreign markets, in the field of school laboratory tasks for higher education. A big advantage in this regard is its location in Central Europe, where the company is able to supply individual equipment in the quality of Western European region, but at lower financial costs.