4Jtech s. r. o. (Ltd.) was established in 2015 but the team itself is much older. The beginning of its existence could be measured from the year 2010, when a long-term cooperation with Škoda Auto company started at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 2015, 4Jtech was formally established, together with top representatives of the Department of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics. 

The primary motivation to found the company was the possibility to apply the results of research and development in the field of modern measurement methods in industrial applications. The main mission of the company was to sell the measuring technology developed by the research team at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. After two years of the company's existence, it was clear that such a concept is not sustainable. Therefore, in January 2017, the company decided to become independent, doing so later that year. 

Since then, the company has grown to its current form with almost thirty employees, several mid- and long-term business partners from the automotive, aircraft industry and almost with all the main universities in the Czech Republic. Thus, the portfolio of activities has expanded from the area of cooling towers and power engineering, primarily to the automotive industry and consequently to the design and manufacture of tailor-made measuring technology and experimental measurement equipment for university purposes. The next wave was followed by aerodynamics for the aerospace industry and acoustics, and the latest measurements and calculations on humid air for home appliances has been implemented. Virtually all the chosen directions have been tied to some industrial or academic partner.